Saturday, August 01, 2009

Saturday Snapshots

Get ready for a long post...

Not to toot our own horn, but the First Book Release was a huge success! We had such and amazing night together.

It started with a private dinner at Trattoria Ulvieto in Orcutt, fantastic food and a wonderful time of reflection. Then it was off to the Burrow for a big, wonderful party with family and close friends. I had been at the Burrow earlier in the day to set up the scene, so everything would be just right for the big release. The night started off with conversation and bookmark making...

After some good conversations, and some shnazy bookmarks we played a little game of Pin the Pipe on Sherlock (I won't tell you how to play the game, as Parker scoffed when I tried to tell him how to play).

Yes, Josh and Lindsay won the game as they tied. After that, the release hour was drawing nigh, but first the group needed to see if they had what it takes to be in Sherlock Academy, so an examination was passed out to assess readiness.

After some time, I announced it was time to take a break and reveal the cover of Farah's amazing book. Everyone gathered 'round the display and... Wah lah!

Right after that Dore started the countdown to the release of Farah's book! Everyone cheered and then Farah did a reading of the first few pages of the book. Even Adelaide loved it!

After some cheers we passed out the books and Farah signed a few autographs.

We then had a good time playing with British Crackers and Posing with some Sherlockian Garb.

It was an amazing night. For an amazing book. Written by an amazing gal.

Hooray for Sherlock Academy!


Kim said...

looks like you guys had fun! it's so Ig and Fauf! lol

Veralynn said...

Haha, isn't Parker a stud?
It was a great party, and I loved meeting some of your family and Adelaide!


Anonymous said... that all really happen? ::sigh:: Thank you so much for planning it all and making it all so special. I LOVE YOU! xoxox

FC Shaw

Morgan Jane said...

It was truly an excellent night. Congrats Farah, we're so proud of you! And thanks to the Burrow for letting us take over, it's always lovely out there...

Anonymous said...

It was a truly fantastic night! Farah - way to follow your dreams and Micheal - way to support your wife in those dreams. You are both a true inspiration. Glad I got to be a part! Here is to being the next likes of, but even more so, JK Rowling and being on the Ellen show and here is to me and Eliz. being in the delivery room of your firstborn! ;) Lindsay

Anonymous said...

It was a really fun night! Thanks for
a wonderful time one and all.... Long live The Burrow and The Academy!

Dad & Mum Shaw

Anonymous said...

I'm now into Chapter 13 and I LOVE this book! What a great read... Thanks, F.C.S.